Bulb specifications of the new Suzuki Jimny

Table with the characteristics of the bulbs of the new Suzuki Jimny – voltage, wattage, type of bulbs.

LightsWattageBulb Type
Headlight - Halogen12V 60/55WH4
Headlight - LEDLED
Front fog light - Without DRL12V 19WH16
Front fog light - With DRL12V 35WH8
Position light - Halogen12V 5WW5W
Position light - LEDLED
Daytime running light (DRL)12V 13WP13W
Front turn signal light12V 21WW21W
Rear turn signal light12V 21WWY21W
Side turn signal light12V 5W
Tail/brake light12V21/5WW21/5W
High mount stop lightLED
Reversing light12V 21WW21W
License plate light12V 5WW5W
Rear fog light12V 21WW21W
Interior light - Front12V 10W
Interior light - Luggage compartment12V 8W